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If you’ve ever wondered what makes Medi-Share the most trusted name in health care sharing, now may be a good time to learn more.

Visit the Yost Insurance Agency Medi-Share Landing Page or click here to request a phone call from our team.

Medi-Share is an innovative health care solution for Christians looking to save money without sacrificing on quality. As the nation’s largest health care sharing community, Medi-Share members take comfort in knowing their eligible medical expenses will be shared by their community.  Medi-Share offers:

  • No Open Enrollment Period to join the Medi-Share community
  • 400,000+ members across the United States
  • A national PPO network of more than 900,000 providers
  • Direct management of management medical bills on your behalf

In addition, Medi-share members enjoy a Faith-Based Community, Unlimited TeleCounseling, Dental Discounts, Vision Discounts, Prayer Support, and 24/7 Telehealth.