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6 Ideas For Your Next Family Game Night

Family game night

Looking for a way to spend quality time with your kids – while pulling them away from their electronic screens and devices? Try getting everyone together for a family game night.

To some, game night may seem old-fashioned. But it’s still a great way to bond with the whole family, enjoy a few laughs, and get your competitive juices flowing. In fact, research has shown that games can help boost your child’s motor skills, advance memory techniques, maintain strong communication, and even improve grades at school.

Ready to settle in for an evening of fun-filled competition? Here are six ideas for making your next family game night a success:

  1. Classic board games: Some board games have become timeless family classics for a reason. Bring on the fun and nostalgia by seeing who can buy the most properties in Monopoly. Solve the mystery in the billiard room with a game of Clue. Or test your steady surgeon’s hand in a game of Operation.
  2. Dice games: Dice games are easy to play and come in plenty of variations. Try to roll all five of the same numbers to score a Yahtzee! Be the first to score 10,000 points in Farkle. Roll as many 2s as you can in Bunco. Or see who can match all of their dice the fastest in Tenzi.
  3. Card games: For young family members, matching numbers and colors in a game of Uno can make a great introduction to card games. Looking for something a little more advanced? Figure out who can take the least number of tricks in Spades, or try to get three tricks in a game of Euchre.
  4. Guessing games: Looking to liven things up? Divide your family into two teams for charades. Have one team act out your favorite spare time activity or scene from a movie. No talking, though! Or grab two pads of paper and try to guess what each team is drawing in Pictionary. It helps to be a good artist – but it’s more fun if you’re not.
  5. Singing competitions: Find out who in your family can hit those high notes or laugh as you try to remember the lyrics. Pick two people to serve as judges. Then, sing along to your favorite songs. Use a karaoke machine to add to your fun.
  6. Puzzles: If you want a break from the competition, why not try something everyone can work on together? Jigsaw puzzles are a great team activity. Just grab your favorite puzzle and watch the pieces come together.

Don’t forget to add in your favorite snacks as you begin your competitive banter. Consider some healthier foods as you play, and maybe end your evening with a dessert like ice cream. It will be one more way that you can create memories for your kids as they grow.

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This story was originally published in 2019.

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